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Monday, May 17, 2010

Product Review: Maybelline Angelfit Flawless Natural Liquid Foundation

Oh! This would be my first beauty-related post ^^. Just so you know, anyways, you know what? A lot of people have been commenting on my good skin. What they don't know is that I actually use liquid foundation to even out some problem areas on my face. But that's another story, and post altogether ^^. But generally I have good skin -note that this  should be foremost in your agenda. Start with a good palette, then paint to your heart's content!

I used to use baby powder before for my face, and I'd always get blackheads, and pimples from it. I never used any foundation, but I braved it, and bought myself my very first one. I have never looked back.


- With Chamomile essence, Royal jelly, and Vitamin E.
- Perfectly hides flaws, not your skin! (so the product says)
- Specially developed to suit Asian women's skin.
- Super blendable formula without clogging pores.
- A natural luminous finish that perfectly fits your skin tone.
- Non-comedogenic, Dermatogically Tested.

PRICE: Php 299 or about $6

WEIGHT: 18 ml / 0.6 oz.

Available in more than 3 shades. 
- My shade is N02 (Shell beige), that would be MAC NC20-25.

I like it because:
* It's very easy to put on, I don't use any brush -just my forefinger, and middle finger.
I feel like I have no make-up on.
* It is indeed non-comedogenic. It actually prevents me from having pimples.
* It is not sticky, and it's effect lasts for a good amount of time.
* It's a good buy, considering the price.
It is convenient to carry.
* It gives my face a healthy shine that looks very natural ^^.


* It doesn't really hide any major flaws, so better use a concealer. But I found out that if you dab a small amount on those they'll be hidden too. Works for me.

As I have said I just use my fingers, but if your prefer you can with a damp sponge, or foundation brush. Set it with loose powder for the make-up to last.

Have fun! ^^.